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Sunday, 14 May 2023

I’m high as a kite –

Milvus milvus or artificial (originally silk
high-flyer on a string –
– after abandoning my long-time, falsely-labelled
Anti-depressant: empty, drab, dreary Escitalopram.  
It’s just as well that Bearz abandoned me
when he did (9 months ago, oh!
what a depressing pregnancy!).  

Just now, I’d be impossible to live with (or even near). 
But the sweet plants think I’m OK –
who/what better to believe ?  Hey –

(Pause while I kiss a particularly sexy cactus). 

Oh, sweet Rebutia, your tiny spines
upon my lips and nipples  – and willy ? 
no, please don’t be rough,
you naughty and presumptuous succulent !
I’m not that tough.
And not so silly.

I’m very sensitive, you know.
(But, on reflection, pretty silly.) Even a feather
passed across my nipple or my Nether
Regions makes my whole kooky kundalini glow.

... Not to be continued – in the interests of
Undemocratic Google Decency!

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