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Friday, 5 May 2023

I 'm pretty sure

that Britain (now jitteringly and fashionably
referred to as [the] UK)
and France (always called France
even when it was a tiny statelet)
together have committed more 'genocide'
in India, Africa, Indo-China, Australia...
(not to mention Tasmania, Ireland
and the murderous Scottish Highland
and Island Clearances)
than Germany and the Austro-Hungarian
& Russian Empires combined.

Spaniards and other Pale Invaders in the Americas
may well have murdered more 'unacceptables'
and 'sub-humans' than the Nazis.

In Shakespeare's day the Irish were considered
'subhumans' like Calibán 
and the Tudor opinion of the Scots
provided the modern word Donkey
(from Duncan, cf Dunce) to replace Ass.

Do you (on your Smart-Phone)
fondly imagine that universal mutual respect
will ever come to pass ?


Wofl said...

Probably not, because that invention was expressly invented to vanquish thought and generally stultify.

bandit said...

I believed I resisted the smart phone's captivating manner due an intense resentment of the folly that persists when one reacts in such a Pavlovian fashion to it's bleatings and reprimand.
Even mounting an expedition to overthrow Google's omnipresence proves a useless endeavor, despite being so close, so very close ... better to preserve instead my 20th century jargon and idiom, if only to be understood by dumbed down, modern conversationalists (as if it made a difference).

Now I realize I'm merely loyal to the coffeemaker and its rumblings. Mr. Coffee, old friend, makes far fewer demands and never piles on with an excess of redundant command, step by increasing step, to make my life more "convenient".

How did I discover this? Returning home from self exile this month past, I was surprised to find all the house's belongings had been carted off in my absence. Never realized I'd find such joy in being abandoned, despite the impediment of having no can opener.