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Tuesday, 7 March 2023

The Weather Conspiracy.

Consistently,  for at least the last three yearswhen I first noticed the failure in its forecasts
the French government meteorological service
has over-predicted rainfall,.

I (like anyone who is interested) can read
the satellite images of weather,
and, from them, consistently,
I can (like any farmer)
predict the weather in the next few days
more accurately than Metéo France,

which, consistently, predicts rain.
Consistently, it does not rain -

as I have predicted from the satellite images.

What is going on ?  Governments tell lies all the time,
but in predicting weather ?  What can they possibly gain
– or be hiding ?

There is drought in the part of France I live in.
There has been no 'proper rain' for at least 18 months.

There have been no suggestion that people should stop bathing
and showering compulsively
and washing clothes after just one wearing,
and flushing toilets after just a piss,
and buying dishwashers, garden hoses, etcetera.

Does the meteorological service tell lies simply because
it is programmed to, just as we all are programmed
to be mendacious throughout life ?
Or has it been instructed to be 
pluviallly optimistic in its forecasts ?

No wonder that conspiracy theories are rife.


Anonymous said...

You have written this post in summer, haven't you?


Wofl said...

No, I wrote it yesterday, late winter in SW France.
The drought is getting serious.

As I said, there has been no 'proper rain' for 18 months, and people are using water irresponsibly - of course. They always do.