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Sunday, 26 February 2023

The 21 unwritten rules...

...that non-white people in the USA
should adhere to every day
(and pale pinko-grey people
that are not shoplifters will be amazed by)

can be read here.


bandit said...

Even as the token white boy in a 70's soul band, I always admired the Black Panthers stance promoting self sufficiency. The FBI saw put to that, of course. That parochial bent has now turned to diversity, you might say.

One adage this "list" forgot to mention though;

"Cops always lie."

Perhaps that's one reason I never succumbed to their recruitment of me.

Wofl said...

Cops always lie, whether black, white, beige or milk-chocolate, mainly because they are in a tight hierarchy, and hierarchies breed shits like shit breeds flies.

bandit said...

... had one at the door the other night. Sweet, sweet escalation. I deliberately laughed in his face after I'd invited him in.

Ah, Equity! "I'm a victim, you're a victim, we're all victims here."