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Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Walking out of movie-shows.

Few people leave cinemas before a film ends
(it seems they'd rather suffer what they paid for)
much less soon after one begins,
as I did with Atonement
based on an unreadable book of the same name.

I also fled The Company of Wolves
nd Taxi Driver. Maybe one or two more.

I could not stand a much-praised play
(Translations by Brian Friel)
and dragged my companion
out of the National Theatre in London. 
I also abandoned Berg's Lulu at the Royal Opera House.

Last week I escaped a film
in two languages, stupidly 
called Godland* in both English and French:
a tedious study in dreariness, partly about

mutual incomprehension between Icelanders and Danes
during Denmark's cruel colonisation
(described by the great Halldór Laxness),

whose subtitles (in French)
came 9 seconds after
the words they were translated from

– and fell over a stout woman's legs,
sprawling on the floor
in an ungainly exit.

*The Danish title is Vanskabte Land,
which means 'Lost, Disappeared and/or Forbidden Land'.

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