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Sunday, 15 January 2023


I hated circuses
because I thought the clowns aggressive
and the animals pitiful.
I couldn't appreciate
the antics of the acrobats and jugglers.

But I loved the dwarves.
Still do.

I have always hated 'dirty jokes'
and sexual innuendo
except when they were witty
(which they rarely are).
Likewise noisy (audible toothache) musack
and mind-quenching songs.
Lipstick makes me shudder.

I guess that I'm a snowflake.

Snowflakes, all individual, all unique
are all identical when trodden underfoot.

1 comment:

Alma Kaselis said...

When I was child in sports school: gymnastics I dreamed to be an acrobat in circus. Later I wanted to be a veterinarian doctor. I graduated Vilnius University with Masters in Statistics ( Applied Mathematics and Economics). I should become a veterinarian just like my maternal grandfather.