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Tuesday, 17 January 2023


Every culture is criminal.
The more complex, the more criminal.

Dirty Work - 1

Dirty Work - 2

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Wofl said...

The USA has the world's highest percentage of people (mostly black) behind bars: two million.
A quarter of them are in 'mental wards' with no rights whatsoever.
They are 'managed' by underpaid and untrained, brutalised staff whose turn-over, PTSD and suicide rates are very high.
Many of them are immigrants; others have no prospect of obtaining any other, less-stressful or better-paid job.

The USA has smugly preached "human rights" to Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc. for decades. The most important human right in the USA is the right to carry a gun (but not if you are in prison, of course).