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Thursday, 15 September 2022


is a short-acting sleep-aid
which I have been taking for some years.

It has the side-effect underlined below,
which should be reported to my physician.
'Doctor, this drug is making me feel good.
 Help me to escape its evil clutches.
 Please don't tell Big Brother.'

Our culture cannot tolerate too great a sense of well-being.

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Wofl said...

Having mentioned Big Brother (from the 1948 novel entitled 'Nineteen eighty-four'),0rwell got a lot right, except for the grimness and emotional/social repression of the 1940s in both Britain and the USSR. Instead of that, our current dystopia is based on the rawest kind of hedonism. engendered and constantly encouraged by Consumer-Capitalism, dominated not by Big Brother (not even Fat Brother Trump) but by a group of world oligarchs, a.k.a. CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, the oil companies and the plastics industries,etc. in league with pseudo-democracies and certain dictatorships.