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Sunday, 4 September 2022

Extract from a letter.

I was thinking of sending off for a DNA test ($100)
in the hope of finding something out about my father
(my male genomic precursor)
at this late stage of my existence
but then I started wondering what I would do
if I “found” a half-brother/sister (who had maybe died)
or a niece or nephew or grand-nephew…

What would be the point of contacting them ? 
It would be unlikely that we would 'have anything in common' and the chances of them wanting to meet me (or I them) would be remote. I had little, and have no connection with cousins on my mother's side.
And there would always be the possibility that no relative would show up at all if my (allegedly) Air Force father had been killed
in WW2 (and hadn’t impregnated anyone else in the meantime), or even remained single."

I showed so little interest in my father before my mother's death in 1999 that I never even asked if she knew his surname!

Her unwanted pregnancy ruined my mother's life. 

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