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Monday, 18 July 2022

Spot the Woman.

In this bizarre painting of 'Timeless' or Eternal Russia
the only woman to be found in a sea of wartless men
(I have identified Rachmaninov, Dostoyevsky,
Tchaikovsky...and Jesus – but where is Stalin?)

is a pin-up (extreme left)
who seems to have wandered in, weeping,
from a drug-infested, possibly abusive photo-shoot.
All that pious, inhibited testosterone !  It's just as well
that the fresh air is wafting away the smell !

detail of painting by Ilya Glazunov, 1988.


Anonymous said...

Spoiler: Stalin is to the middle right in a sled with Trotzky & co.


Wofl said...

Ah, thanks for that. I hadn't looked hard enough. I guess Stalin and Trotsky (where is Beria?)are sledding/sleighing to The Ride of the Valkyries as re-composed by Shostakovich.

Alma Kaselis said...

I guess I see Musorgsky