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Monday, 9 May 2022

Ha! Ha!


Let's make a Fabulous New Website together !


By the way,


that California was the first legislature in the world to promote 
Mass-Sterilisation ?

Nazi Germany, impressed, soon followed suit.


in another part of the Hideous House of Horrors
White Supremacist (anti-) Christians metamorphose into
the anti-abortion lobby(Thank you, Bob Jones 'University'.)

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Wofl said...

The Bob Jones 'University'of South Carolina conferred a doctorate on The Reverend Ian Paisley, Northern Ireland's anti-Catholic, ranting, fulminating, Free-Presbyterian fomentor-in-chief of 'The Troubles' from 1960 until he took (very limited) power in the tiny (pebble-in-the-shoe) UK statelet after The Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

Many thanks, Almina, for the Politico piece.