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Thursday, 13 January 2022

Q: Awaiting the Barbarians.

What are we all waiting for,
crammed into The Square ?
Miracle ? Bird ? Thunderbolt ?
Amazing son-et-lumière ?

The Barbarians are due today
in mire and fury, flame and flood.
They are Satanic Pedophiles,
Sex-traffickers who drink the blood
of babies that they rape.
They run the IMF, the World Bank,
the Internet and Israel, the European Union,
the WHO, and governments from Tasmania
to the North Cape.

They drink each other's sperm
and menstrual emissions.
They own the banks, the supermarket chains
the airlines, the shipping companies and Facebook.
They cry Consume! Consume!
They have caused famines and pandemics.
They are zombies.  They are terrorists.
They have poisoned the reservoirs.

They are at The Gate.

We are choking in The Square.

Who will save us from our fate ?

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