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Sunday, 7 November 2021

SUTH : my Simple Universal Theory of Humanity.

Most of most of us is fiction - probably.
Our 'communities' and nation-states
are notional, our true religions and our true friends
quite mythical, our lives directed and devoted
to ineptly hiding and dissembling,
and creating destructive, adolescent fictions
such as Romantic (or Spiritual) Eternal Love.

There is not much place in the world for those
who are handicapped by expecting 'transparency'
and simple openness in others,
rather than hoardings covered with slogans, tags
blatant lies and bland deceptions.

The truth may be that, despite congratulating themselves
on bring Social Animals, humans - albeit unconsciously -
mostly hate other humans. 
                                        Oh, how we treasure
the sublimated exceptions !

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Wofl said...

This little polemic is dedicated to the great film-maker Mike Leigh.

'This Cultural Life' : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0011bgr