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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

'Americans don't do irony.'

The country which - after Hiroshima and Nagasaki -
ensured democracy in Japan, West Germany, Taiwan,

went on to 'gun down' democracy in Guatemala,
prevent it in the former Belgian Congo,
and (helped by brown-nose Britain) overthrow it Iran,
set up a military dictatorship in South Korea.

I remember the Great Scare about Communist
'brainwashing' - just when the USA's
security agencies started a highly-successful
indoctrination of its whole population,
'master-minded' by Edward Bernays.

So it is not surprising that the United States
is considered 'less democratic' than several other countries
in what used to be called The Free World by Americans.

These include
the Nordic countries of course, Uruguay, Taiwan,
Ireland, Chile, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan...

and ranks 24th, among the 'flawed democracies'
just below France, but above Brazil, Botswana,
Belgium, the Baltic States - and not that far above Mongolia.


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Wofl said...

Just how successful (and continuing) has been the indoctrination of Americans
is shown by their attitudes to 'poor and backward', non-libertarian countries in Europe: