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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Generalising from the particular.

According to The Guardian newspaper,
'Dr Amia Srinivasan believes that there isn’t a person alive
who doesn’t have a sense of discomfort in their body,
and with how that body, especially the “sexed” body, is read.'

Well.. I, for one, haven't had a sense of discomfort in my body
since I left school (where I was a sports-hating 'weed'
who cowered in the showers),
nor in how my probably-"undersexed" body was read
by either man or woman.

There may be millions - many of them women - who are similarly content with their bodies.

Perhaps The Guardian misquoted from Amia Srinavasan's book, The Right to Sex.


Bearz said...

It is common to believe that sex is the ultimate immersive experience, and I can imagine Dr Amia Srinivasan putting forward statements to that effect. Many of us, like you, found going through being a teenager a bewildering experience, and life not much later could easily be no better. The more life was implied to be about sex and bodies the more bewildering it seemed. Thankfully immersive experiences of things other than sex and of comparable quality are very much available, the appreciation of music and books, listening to attentive speech based radio, and for some the physicality of sport. But that would be sport where there was training and support with it, rather than school style sport-where the lack of individual support meant that if you were in any way awkward, or you had dyspraxia, then you felt discouraged whilst being-literally-forced to take part.

Wofl said...

Yes, it's obvious that 'sex' is just one of many side-shows in life, along with sports, careers, business opportunities and respectability.