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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

On Environmentalism.

Say you had enough money at your disposal
to save ten thousand square miles
of rain forest (2,590,000 hectares :
smaller than Belgium, larger than Wales) 

or build (anywhere in the world) a brand-new hospital,
and you had to make a choice -
which, dear fellow-human, would you opt for ?
(Above the cacophony of industry,
do you hear the planet's still, small voice ?)


Alma Kaselis said...

L'll chose land not humans. I am such a pessimist.

Bearz said...

There would be human employment and costs with both. Choose the preservation of the land and it would need some 'management', choose the hospital and it would need a huge amount more management both to build and to maintain once built. With the hospital option there would be lawyers and who knows who else from the state and the private sector, including insurers, 'sticking their arm in' for as long as they could.

The only option is the preservation of the land, and the work that has to be paid for with it's maintenance would be relatively healthy work, albeit for very few people. An environment that promotes health for the flora and fauna and the wildlife. would promote health for any human visitor too. With the preservation of the land the worst point would be how self congratulatory humans get about nature.