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Saturday, 11 July 2020

More thoughts on the Curse of Religion.

A religion which is a series of inculcated
beliefs and duties is a kind of blasphemy.

When you think about it
God is food.  If you are a hunter-gatherer
God is the all-providing forest.
If you are a suburbanite or inner-city prisoner
God is the Ultimate Owner
of the supermarket chain you patronise:
Tesco, Walmart, Safeway/Albertsons, Carrefour, Lidl, Aldi...
any in your country that you care to name.

As you'll know from my five thousand eight hundred blogs, 
I'd rather worship Forest than a supermarket food-chain.

Americans bow down to their Starry-Stripey Flag as a Fetish.
Its upkeep costs very little.
The British seem to worship the largest employer in the world: The NHS
(their underfunded national health service which, 'at point of delivery',
is, to all, and even with respect to ambulances,
and like the Fire Service, entirely free).

The former should be revering their (underfunded) National Parks.
The latter their unrivalled, unparalleled, amazing, underfunded BBC.

(Two of the British Broadcasting Corporation's radio channels
have been my Cerebral-support System since 1963.)

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