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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Rough Cloth.

When my mother, despairing
of 'my future' pressured me to join the Air Force (!)
55 years ago,
I declined the opportunity to be an officer
and joined the ranks as a trainee interpreter.

This one of several unlikely futures
lasted just six weeks because of my insubordination.
I certainly was not made of  'military material'
though, being of slender build, looked well in a uniform.

Already anti-British,
I had looked forward to being a spy in a tie.


Alma Kaselis said...

I had military training and Lieutenants rank in Soviet Army. The reason I got @ age 22 master's in Applied Mathematics (major Statistics). There was no way around. I am glad I had the training. I am sure the Soviet Army did not want me anywhere around: bad with commands, although my shooting skills were way above average as well as the physical fitness. Medical training thought me to "fix" myself while most end up in ER.

Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

Spy in a tie, priceless.

Wofl said...

The point of that phrase, Jindra, is that I hated neckties like I hate seat-belts. Once I had left school, I never again wore a tie - except for that brief period when I was joined the RAF hoping to help the South Yemenis gain independence from Brutish British rule.