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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Athlone, Hilversum, Helsinki, Moscow, Prague, Allouis, Oslo...

"When I was ten Mother had described me as 'having an interest in electronics'. In the September of 1977 I was going to college full time to further the interest that she described me as having had six years earlier.

In the parental house my interest in electronics did not get very far. As a decoration Mother had saved the glass that showed the radio stations on the radiogram that I used to idle my time with at the age of ten, when the rest of the radiogram was finally thrown out. I would gaze wistfully at that piece of painted glass with the radio stations on it and do very little else. It became yet another piece of useless bric-à-brac to cover the top of my bedside table like a forgotten part of a junk-shop window display."

- from Malcolm Walker's The Alien in the Attic.                            Read more >

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