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Friday, 17 April 2020

After Ikkyū

Ikkyū  休宗純Ikkyū Sōjun, 1394–1481  一  [read more]

Cirrus caressing the sky.
Old man ejaculates alone.

Life by numbers. Long life.
Sequoias too.

torpid now nearly eighty I offer my little
hard turds to the Buddha

Avoiding shame.
What I say
and what I think are (I think I hope I think)
the same.

Flowers are silent
Silence is silent
My mind is a noisy flower with the corpses of insect-thoughts sticking to it

Half-dissolved gravestones
can, if you're desperate, be used for grinding coffee.

The painful path is beautiful
and leads to beautiful painless nothing

Memory is a bramble-patch
scratching your every thought
and producing drupelet scabs

Value-laden words
Dirt too is beautiful
and the spiral swirly flush of turds

Blind donkey stumbles over stones into walls and ditches
Pain, no words, no hope

just a drop in the ocean a neutral
drop in the bitter
ocean a tiny drop in
the viral soup

dog-shit can teach you more
than the writings of the holy wholly unholy
fakers of wisdom

I have never seen my brain

constant life constant death
the moon is so attractive

一 after Ikkyū   Anthony Weir  17th April 2020

(from www.beyond-the-pale.uk/zentags.htm)

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