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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

American homelessness.

On a legal (federal) minimum wage,
the average American worker needs to work 117 hours a week
for 52 weeks a year
to afford the rent for a two-bedroom apartment or house.
Not even two people living together
each with a federal minimum wage
can afford a two-bedroom rental.

But if you're not in a Northern state
perhaps this would be OK ?

1 comment:

bandit said...

The major fallacy is the progressive camp expects the proles to accept a minimum wage as one befitting a career and sustenance.

As for "the Man keeping you down", that person is the handmaiden of investments in businesses driving the hardest bargain; Our faithful dotGov "Representative".

Just look at the mess they've created - in support of the billion $ annual detention market - I'm one of the few that has, due my misophonia for disingenuous whinging. Makes me want to assault a confidence man, an oxymoron most applicable to the cacophony, and me, a denizen** of River City, no less. I'll not march with that mob Bad enough intelligent people mutter their insincere jingle in sympathy and in their compact mirrors.

|The Flores v Reno Supreme court decision was 1982, the root of the Greek Chorus lamenting the separation of children from whomever they say they are.Congressional duty to the matter seems to have gone the way of the overture to Aida.

Is skepticism cruelty? What is informed opinion then? Fascism I reckon. From there we deduce ignorance is freedom. But, but how can we live on a minimum wage!?