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Monday, 2 April 2018

An Image for Easter.


Marcus Billson said...

Outrageous--this is why after months of being too busy to visit your site I keep on returning when I have a second--to be shocked, to be amazed, to be stunned into insight, to see something new about the possibility of being human. Who woulda thunk it? Never in a thousand years. Keep on proclaiming body and balls. It's glorious to be human. Okay, so let's get this straight: your tightened balls' sack is Christ's head, your loins' creases Christ's raised arms, and your upper buttocks folds Christ's legs? Did I get this picture of celebration right? I have made several comments in the entries below but I saved this one for last.

Wofl said...

You got it right, Marc. But it's not me - not even anyone I have met ! And it's not from a homo-porn site. His name is Frédéric and he lives in a rather nice town in La France profonde.