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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The reason why there has never been a "Just War"

is that there has never been a Just Peace.


Bearz said...

It is even worse than we think. There used to be commentaries written about what constitutes 'a just war', which were mostly based on how the enemy behaved worse than the side of the writers of said commentaries, but nobody I can think of writes commentaries very specifically on the subject of 'A just peace', any commentator automatically thinks their side is peace, and is right. There are lots of commentators out there, and some peace too, you experience a little of that Asterix. And some of the peace that there is out there is exists because of small wrongs righted.

Marcus Billson said...

In hoc verbo, veritas.

Wofl said...

...et in his verbis, huic sermonis equidem.