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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

One size never fits all.

I have never cared for 'exercise' or effort.
I have always favoured lolling about and reading
As a child, of course I liked to play as children do,
but I loathed 'sports', and have never taken walks
for 'exercise' - only with dogs to share their joy
I would climb a mountain to see a Passage Tomb,
and enjoy hours of planting shrubs and trees
even in rain
but otherwise I would prefer to 'loafe'
(as the Divine Walt put it)
I have spent most of my life sitting in chairs
Am I overweight and unhealthy ?
I am very thin and have a strong heart
(the doctors tell me)  And I loafe
and laugh at those mechanical masochists
who 'exercise' to keep themselves 'fit'

Fitness comes from within
The divine


Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

But, you probably eat right and, in addition, you are one of the lucky ones who doesn't need the exercise to compensate for unhealthy living.
And I think, you may exercise another form of "masochism light" but we are not laughing :)

Wofl said...

"Masochism Lite" - actually, no. I think that compared with most men I have been "undersexed", and my homosexual cruising years were spent looking for someone to be intimate with rather than someone to have sex with, if you understand the difference. And now (as you will read in a future blog) I'm happily "frigid" !!!

Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

I think that is the ultimate, when my unbearably light comment offended the not- for- profit philosopher.
I never understood that there is a difference. Every time I tried to be intimate, it always took an ugly turn to sex.

Wofl said...

Oh Jindra, I was not offended at all by your latest. I was puzzled by "masochism light"...and still have no idea what you meant.
Yours intimately, without ugliness or offence,
- Anthony

Marcus Billson said...

Auban--Jindra's comment is a magnificent reference to the Czech classic "The Incredible [maybe it was Unbearable] Lightness of Being," and indeed Masochism Light as you noted is a play on the word Lite. Jindra's ever present humor is brilliantly spot-on apt. I am not going over the top there. His humor is a complex, edgy, ambiguous humor.

I, too, interpreted "Masochistic Lite" to be a reference to sex. But it doesn't have to be.

You guys don't have to jump off the cliff into the very conformity of stereotypical thinking you both despise. "Looking to have intimacy" or "an ugly turn to sex" are examples. Men want intimacy and men want sex. How these real forces interconnect recounts the tragedies of male stories, but also "unbearable" triumphs.

Auban--in wanting intimacy, you are hardly undersexed or frigid. By your own admission above, you are comparing yourself to other men. A man is a man only as he stands taller or shorter to other men. Ridiculous. Rather, this blog thrives on contrasts. And, Jindra, with your lust for the gorgeous female body, your sex has never turned ugly--only, its aftermath. Sorry, but your joke announces that conclusion.

I apologize. I know this blog is not meant to encourage rants.

Wofl said...

Yes, Marc, I tried to read Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Jindra's humour is quintessentially Bohemian-Moravian.

Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

Woody Allen once said: "The intellectuals are like mafia, they kill their own." But not us. I love auban and Marcus and I am almost sure that they love me.....
But our love is bearable.

Wofl said...

Yes, Jindra, totally and absolutely I love you - for as long as you love and cherish the Divine Dina.

Mafias are everywhere : writers, painters, politicians, businessmen, Big Corporations, bureaucracies... Humans love to form tribes and clans and little groups to do down and diminish other groups and clans and tribes and nations and species.