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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Love is

(whatever it may more precisely be)
a continuing conversation.
Hate, however, like civilisation,
is, in Graham Greene's words
'a failure of imagination.'


Unknown said...

Are you quoting someone else, or is this an original thought? Nonetheless, it's an interesting way of defining love and hate. How would you define indifference?

Wofl said...

It is an 'original thought' (thus not between quotation-marks).

Indifference can come from being, on the one hand, 'on a higher plane' - and on the other hand a simple (and perhaps wise) refusal to feel - a kind of armour.

Marcus Billson said...

Gentlemen: casual, tepid, cerebral? Where is the gut-wrenching visceral power of love and hate, the fury of them both?