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Thursday, 25 August 2016

A friend asked me

the simplest way to kill yourself
when you conclude that you are at the end of the road
and don't wish to end up in hopital or a "care home".
She did not like my well-researched suggestion
to use the gently-stifling plastic-bag-and-sleeping-pill method.
She was more interested in the injection of heart-stopping Potassium chloride
until I told her it was horrifically painful ("veins on fire")
and not that quick.

After buying KCl powder on eBay
(but not for the inevitable eventuality)
the "Suggestions based on your purchase"
featured various kinds of syringe.

Isn't eBay thoughtful ?

I did more research on-line.

Jumping from a high building (at least 8 floors)
or a precipice - the survival rate is low.
But jumping from a bridge is NOT the way to go.
Further googling on how to go gently into the long goodnight
I found an amusing, sobering and useful site
offering much cheer:

click here >>>

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