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Thursday, 5 May 2016

One of the many joys

of living in a mediæval village
is the names of the old streets.
Obvious ones such as
Tannery and Drinking-trough street,
but also particular ones such as
Cauldron-makers' street
Nailmakers' street
Stonemason street

White Penitents' street
Hat-maker street
Plumbers' street
Paradise street
Rue du Coin de Madone
(Madonna-nook street)
Dark Doorway street
and, even more poetically
rue des Chantepleurs:
the street of the Weeping Singers.
All of these are in Caylus
where a lot of history lingers.

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Marcus Billson said...

I have been in India for two months and have missed your fascination with language. Stay healthy and vigilant and always discovering something new in the present.