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Thursday, 12 May 2016

My Economic Policy

as Finance Minister Plenipotentiary of Utopia
(or, to Hostile Powers The Disunited State of La-La-Land):

Give everyone a taxable subsistence allowance
(which the aspirationless could live from with a light carbon footprint).

Legalise, regulate and tax not just all drugs, but also prostitution,
making all users also identifiable.

Institute a Birth Tax (every bit as attractive as a Poll Tax) which would impose and extra 2%
on Income Tax for the first child, 4% for the second child, 8% for the third child, and so on.

Make 'essential services' (water, electricity, etc.) free for those who use them least,
and charge those who use them most a hefty sum, which would go towards
subsidising carbonless energy such as solar panels.
This is the reverse of the present system of 'basic' charges
simply for being connected, and lower rates for higher consumption
(the principle of Bulk Purchase applied stupidly to 'essential services').

Close down all tax-havens (Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar,
British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra,
San Marino, the Vatican, Panama...) if necessary by Armed Intervention
before reducing the armed forces to a bare and affordable minimum
as in the Irish Republic.

Put music at the top of school curricula (say, for the entire school morning)
and let pupils themselves decide their short afternoon curriculum.
And no homework.  This will reduce the ever-increasing education budget.

Abolish the category of felony except for the swindling of the poor
(even if indirectly) and acts of violence (which would automatically include rape).
This would reduce the ever-increasing the prison budget.

Tax smoke and mirrors  from 200 to 1,200%.


bandit said...

Love you, auban

Marcus Billson said...

Good ideas. Run for office.

Wofl said...

In England there was quite recently a Monster Raving Loony party, which was a spoof on pseudo-democracy. Sometimes it got quite a lot of votes, in the ridiculous "first past the post" voting system that has been ditched in Wales, Scotland, and both parts of Ireland.

If I run for office in the US (as an Irish citizen, of course), I hope you'll be able to get me a few hundred million bucks for TV time. And can you come up with a snappy slogan ? Snappier than "Fresh vegetables for all!" ???

Marcus Billson said...

You would be a novelty, something the US craves second after second, so raising money and getting TV time would be easier than you think. But, having "other" citizenship would be the insurmountable stumbling block.

Wofl said...

It is just possible that my nameless shithole daddy was an United States Citizen, though it's more likely that he was Canadian (and possibly my mother's cousin). Eastern Canada is nearer to the Center of Power than Hawaii...