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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A little essay.

Mia Chung, an American writer of Korean descent, said on the wireless that she thought that the entire population of North Korea had the condition known as Stockholm Syndrome (Survivor Identification Syndrome), which occurs when people start to like, sympathise with and even love their captors, kidnappers, abusers, torturers.

Thinking "out of the box", it seems to me that all civilised societies are  infected with the same condition.  Civilisation is by definition the restriction of liberty and the desensitisation of our capacities, reduction of our sensitivities and thus our sensibilities, by property and perceived comfort - if not by totalitarian dictatorship.

It diminishes us and our brains, and shrivels the world, even as we think we are all-powerful through aggressive and life-alienating technologies.

Only consider the millions who are abused by and in love with the fraud that is the American Dream, totalitarian Christian or Muslim sects, or plain patriotism - people who sing the deeply-unpleasant Marseillaise and actually believe that they live in a country of liberty, equality and fraternity, when they are imprisoned in a very comfortable and highly-desensitising culture of obedience and conformism which only the very few most privileged AND rebellious can leave.
Across the English channel the millions of victims of the class war embrace class passionately instead of rejecting it as a category in their lives.

Back within the box... is Christmas, oppressive and stressful for most whites and Christians,
yet most people claim to love it.  It's "for the children" - who are of course stressed by physical and mental restriction, and surveillance, as well as by inculcated envy, desire and greed.

Humans are the only addictive species.  It is an evolutionary quirk exacerbated by civilisation's stresses and supplies.  We are addicted to any number of substances - to alcohol, to testosterone,but more subtly to habit, to comfort, to activity, to noise, to work and the work-ethic, to anxiety (adrenalin) and to the fear of freedom proposed by Erich Fromm in his book with that title (Escape from Freedom in North America)...

Because hunters (those who kill "for sport"
with expensive massacre-machines)
like to kill impressive alpha-males, whether in Scotland,
Queensland, Montana or South Africa,
the "game" species are, decrementally
getting physically smaller, weaker -
just as we are, "spiritually", mentally.

We are benormed, deformed.
To return to ourselves, we'll have to
subvert the rules, empty the schools.
Dissidence must be free and well-informed.


Marcus Billson said...

Auban--well done--you have written a clear, precise, and pointed analysis of the mind prisons around us. But your solution in the last two sentences brings the violence of deeds to stop society's/civilization's conditioning. Certainly your website is an ongoing statement against such radicalization. Mind, speech, and body are our liberation from the prison houses around us. Insight for the mind, eloquence and clarity for speech, and active loving with the body, whatever gender or sexual preference you may have. These are far simpler and more enjoyable solutions.

Anonymous said...

Your interesting comment reminds me of the politicians who bitterly complained after the overthrow of the Stroessner regime. You see, one month after his fall in February, 1989 the opposition carried out a survey and they found out that Stroessner was still viewed with a lot of respect and simpathy. Raúl