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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The pathos of bathos.

You all know, who read me here,
that I'm not a prostitute -
just a once-mildly-promiscuous queer -
who has known grown men to shoot
(that is to say ejaculate)
the moment they got their willies out
into the world of twist and shout.


Anonymous said...

Señor Auban,
I was told that in the sixties the Stroessner regime carried out a razzia against homosexuals and the police found that there were 108 homosexuals here. So from that time if you were a homosexual you would be called 108 as a derogatory term. But now people are more open and there is a little more tolerance. Take care. Raul

Wofl said...

Interestingly, a number was also used in Germany to denote 'homosexual' - it was the number of the Article in the Penal Code which made homosexuality illegal: 175.