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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The most horrible disease

afflicting humankind is
Acute Self-importance Syndrome.


Marcus Billson said...

AKA (also known as) the Ego.

EVIList said...

Marcus, do you have an ASS?

Auban takes daily psychopharmaceutical medication (suppositories) for his ASS.

Wofl said...

Auban certainly does not have an ass. He has an arse and an arsehole. Asses eat grasses.*

The suppositories are deelish when dissolved in 50% (100% proof) absinthe. Smoking them had little effect.

*(The word 'donkey' comes from Duncan, the Scottish forename which came to be used as a term for a stupid person, a hayseed, someone from the Boonies. This will be repeated in my blog for the the seventh of December.)

EVIList said...

ASS = Acute Self-importance Syndrome. ;-)

Wofl said...

Yes, I got that ! I was simply pointing out that only in the US does Ass mean what elsewhere in the anglosphere is the original form: Arse. Ass is a bowdlerisation, like shoot! for shit! in the land of the Puritan(ical)s.

Marcus Billson said...

EVIList--thank you for cleverly pointing out I do have ASS. Unfortunately, mine "are" rather well-toned for a man of my age, exercising them frequently and vigorously.