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Sunday, 8 November 2015

My saffron crop

from just two crocuses (click to enlarge)


Marcus Billson said...

We tried growing saffron in our garden two years ago before the drought really set in in California. I'd say, Auban, you've grown a pretty average crop for a single gardener. Saffron is over $40 an ounce and can only be bought in Little India in that enormous quantity (an ounce!) in Los Angeles. As you discovered, each strand has to be nurtured and hand-harvested. In the US, most of our saffron comes from Spain, as does our "real" olive oil. Currently, there is a horrendous blight on olive trees in Spain and Italy, sending the price of olive oil through the roof.

Wofl said...

In France, the cheapest saffron (from Iran) comes from 'Arab@ market-stalls. As for cooking fat, use butter or virgin rape-seed (canola) oil.

Marcus Billson said...

Butter, yes, canola oil, no.