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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Food for Thought

70% of American same-sex couples have met through the internet.
In the 1950s they hardly met at all.
95% of Danish Jews escaped deportation to death-camps in 1943,
thanks to a German Naval Attaché in Copenhagen.


Anonymous said...

Señor Auban,
I thought SS Police Werner Best turned a blind eye on the escape of the Danish Jews. Raul

Wofl said...

Exactly, though he was Reichsbevollmächtigter (Plenipotentiary) to the only occupied country to retain its head of state (King Christian X who insisted on wearing the yellow star in solidarity with Denmark's Jews) and parliament (because the Nazis wanted to make 'Aryan' Denmark a model for occupied Britain). He was appointed in 1942, a year after they realised that they were unlikely to occupy the British Isles.

Marcus Billson said...

Please correct me if I am wrong--and my source comes from the German playwright Rolf Hochhuth's notes to his controversial play Der Stellvertreter (The Deputy), inditing the Vatican and Pius XII for complicity in the Holocaust--that it was King Christian X, who when the Nazis ordered all Danish Jews to wear the Star of David prior to pogrom, rode through the streets of Copenhagen on his horse wearing the yellow Star, thus saving most of them. King Christian stayed while the Queen of the Netherlands and the Norwegian royal family fled before occupation. I think the Belgian King stayed as well.

Wofl said...

After Christian X did that he was confined to the palace in a kind of house-arrest. The Nazis wanted to keep him as a kind of show-king in a show-country, the Danes being regarded as pure Aryans, but in any case he didn't have the option of escape because the invasion of Denmark took so little time, since Denmark refused to have an army between the wars. Three cheers for "Lille Danmark" (Little Denmark).