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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dramatic Euthanasia


Josep said...


Anonymous said...

Señor Auban,
This person´s old face is indeed very sad. I sometimes see elderly people in hospital or health centers and in the streets. This face reminds me of my paternal grandmother who passed away in 2006 and probably my mother would have looked like that person but she passed away last month. I hope not to get to this stage and here I am not going to hug a jihadist because the fastest way to die is be run over by a bus, motorbike,truck or car. In Asunción the heavy traffic is a very good ally of Death. Raúl

Marcus Billson said...

I guess the second comment was removed just as I was pulling up the comments here. Anyway, sorry to hear about your loss, Raul. In many ways, one is always a child until the death of a parent. Old Age (here so well represented in the photo) is one of the four sufferings of Buddhism, birth, disease, and death, being the others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Señor Marcus,
I appreciate deeply specially because I am total stranger to you. Yes,you are right when you say we are a child until the death of a parent. Faces like the one put by Auban can be seen here in the streets or in hospitals. My relatives kept my grandmother alive until the last minute of her life. I dont know if I would want that for myself. Take care,Señor Marcus. Raul