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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

As one approaches Old Age

one becomes resigned to ‘Fate’, 
and, if one is lucky, 
one ends one’s life in an exquisite mist 
of ‘saudade’, which word, I see (below), 
seems not directly related to our ‘sadness’…
though surely it must !   
Maybe it was a Portuguese import 
from Visigothic saþs ….

Old English sæd "sated, full, having had one's fill (of food, drink, fighting, etc.), weary of," from Proto-Germanic *sathaz (cognates: Old Norse saðr, Middle Dutch sat, Modern Dutch zad, Old High German sat, German satt, Gothic saþs "satiated, sated, full"), from ProtoIndoEuropean *seto- (cognates: Latin satis "enough, sufficient," Greek hadros "thick, bulky," Old Church Slavonic sytu, Lithuanian sotus "satiated," Old Irish saith "satiety," sathach "sated"), from root *sa- "to satisfy" (cognates: Sanskrit a-sinvan "insatiable"). 


Marcus Billson said...

I have to give it to you, Auban: there is always something new to learn on this website. The connection between "sad" and "satiated" is intriguing. Yes, there is a depression with a hangover, after all, but there is something deeper, more subtle, more allzumenschlich in your "exquisite mist."

Alma Kaselis said...

Excellent. Sometimes I my life as a movie or a book.