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Monday, 4 May 2015

"A Real Job"

is being stressed and overworked
and/or bored utterly
in unloved employment,
rather than doing what gives you satisfaction
'self-worth', and pleasure.
When I was young* we thought the future through technology would bring
greater, wider leisure,
but technology has brought only uncertain over-employment,
uncertain under-employment, certain over-expectation,
a more frantic 'rat-race' that no rats would ever run of their own free will
and ever more uniform and uniformed
'sport' for managed 'relaxation'.


Bazompora said...

Sir, you make a strong case for rats being the new superior life form.

Wofl said...

Of course! and not just rats - also dogs, wolves, elephants...perhaps viruses. Human beings are an example of Dead-end Evolution. The new dinosaurs.