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Monday, 19 May 2014

To be is to deposit.

 Here is a partial list 
 of the trash that humans have left on the moon: 
 more than 70 spacecraft including rovers, modules, and crashed orbiters,
 12 pairs of boots, 
 2 golf balls,
 an assortment of 
empty packages of space food,
 TV cameras,
 various hammers, tongs, rakes, and shovels;
 backpacks, insulating blankets, 
 utility towels, used wet-wipes,
 discarded 'personal hygiene kits'
 and 96 bags containing the piss, shit, and vomit of departed astronauts.

 Humans have left, all told, nearly 400,000 pounds 
(= nearly 200,000 kg) of stuff on the surface of the moon;
 Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong alone left more than 100 items on the Sea of Tranquillity
 — including a plaque claiming that "we came in peace for all mankind."

And soon, of course, more mendacious and meretricious advertising
will be placed on the helpless, battered satellite —
a chemical drink will start off the commercial blight.


Bearz said...

Going on how the maps of the moon are based on the where rubbish is, rather then it's natural features, the moon not only reflects the light of the sun towards the earth at night, but we use the rubbish we have left on it as a reflection out to the universe of life from earth.

Wofl said...

The Israelis have taken time off from building their accursed Wall to make a handwritten copy of the Torah to land in a capsule on our poor defenceless satellite -