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Sunday, 4 May 2014

To an anti-natalist correspondent who thinks that 'normal' people are stupid - and happy.

If stupidity makes people ‘happy’ why begrudge them their ‘happiness’ ? 
In my opinion fewer and fewer people are happy.
To be middle class is to be discontent
if not profoundly and secretively unhappy.
More and more people (millions in India and China)
are joining the middle class, the lumpen-bourgeoisie,
the class which is truly in the grip of consumer capitalism -
the stupid class, the tasteful class,  the anti-reason class.

Anti- and non-breeders can express an opinion,
appeal to reason and sober statistics, piss against the wind,
but we can do nothing about 99.99% of irrational humanity.
I have never been excited by the prospect of breeding,
but  have only recently expressed antinatalist views,
and then only to certain people, and, sometimes, on this blog.

I don’t like the term ‘anti-natalist’.
I would prefer ‘rationalist’.
But it is very difficult to be rational in a world turbo-charged
by rampant anti-rationality and shrouded in a choking go-get fog.

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