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Monday, 12 May 2014

Now that I have crept fully out of the closet

as a misanthrope, I notice that my outward behaviour
more closely resembles those of 'normal' people
than it did hitherto.
This suggests to me, rather late in life,
that, just as many heterosexual men seem to be misogynist,
so most people may actually be misanthropic -
skilfully hiding it from naive chaps like myself,
or even without knowing it.

Vallotton: Paris street-corner.


Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

Why would you say that...most people tend towards misanthropic.. rather than a few ?

And just because a heterosexual man doesn't like women of a feeble mind doesn't mean that he is mysogynist.

Marcus Billson said...

I agree with Jindra's blog comment above. I agree with Auban that there may be in others what we don't detect. Heterosexual porn is a male disavowed misogyny, despite the feminist rantings. But I ask of you both, how do any of us avoid the inherently conditioned perspective of our own solipsism?

Wofl said...

We stick our heads down the toilet, and keep on flushing.

Wofl said...

But seriously, I have always thought that men who keep on about women and fucking "protest too much", and there are many, many cases of apparently decent, ordinary married men making misogynist comments in e-mails or in verbal asides - even ones who claim to be pro-feminist, as recently the famous English soccer person - I think president of the English Football Association who has vociferously backed women's soccer.