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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another Romantic Fallacy ?

Life's biggest mistake:


Marcus Billson said...

The irony here, not to mention the title, in these two short lines about organic metabolic processes (heterotrophy--I increase my vocabulary on this blog--I had to look up the word) requiring complex molecules of nitrogen and carbon, calls into question the ways we try to improve upon what is. Our creating nitrogen and carbon artificial products are, of course, key culprits in global warming, etc. We exploit every human need for human profit and power by trying to improve upon it.

Wofl said...

Thank you Marc for fully appreciating the vast amount contained in these two lines. Autotrophes (the most primitive life-forms on our planet) are self-sustaining, but heterotrophes feed on autotrophes or other heterotrophes (like humans - who think themselves the Earth's most advanced life-forms, despite their awareness of the existence of bonobos - on swine, cattle etc.)