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Thursday, 9 January 2014

This is how we have ended up.

For most of us,
'free choice' 
of, for example,
50 kinds of cereal,
30 kinds of toilet-roll
(mauve is very tasteful),
and 5 flavours of condom,
is more important than social justice.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a miracle,
that paper,
once a luxury good,
affordable only to kings and pharaos,
and only touched by scibes,
is now available
as 30 kinds of toilet-rolls,
to wipe the dirty assholes,
of social justice warriors.

Bearz said...

And like the kings, pharaos and their elites not only is paper in greater abundance to us than it was them, but we eat food that travels many miles, now continents, at our behest without our being aware of what that means, in terms of the effects of that travel.