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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dogs are our Teachers

While Muslims usually consider dogs to be 'impure' -
though the only creatures that can possibly be impure and soulless are humans -
the 15th century Moroccan Sufi saint Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli
(probably Berber) saw them as having many virtues well worth emulating. 
Here are his Ten Splendid Attributes of the Dog:
1. He sleeps only a little at night; a sign of the lovers of God (muhibbin). 
2. He never complains of heat or cold; a sign of the patient (sabirin). 
3. When he dies, he leaves nothing  which can be inherited from him; a sign of his simplicity (zahidin). 4. He is neither angry nor hateful; a sign of the faithful (mu’minin). 
5. He does not  mourn  the loss of a close relative, nor does he accept assistance; a sign of the secure (muqinin). 
6. He is happy with whatever is given to him; a sign of the contented (qani’in). 
7. He has no place to live; this is a sign of the wanderers (sa’ihin). 
8. He sleeps  anywhere; this is a sign of the easily satisfied (radiyin). 
9. Once he knows his master, he never despises him, 
even if he beats or starves him; a sign of the true knowers (’arifin). 
10. He is always hungry; a sign of the virtuous (salihin).  


adapted from a blog by
Shravasti Dhammika 

 with thanks to WS.

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Former Shadow said...

This is very good. Also, gotta love the bit about the hunger. Though we can interpret it more as a hunger for something spiritual, maybe God in this text - etc, this bit got me laughing, and also comparing me to a dog - I´m always hungry indeed. Well, not always, but you get the gist.