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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bastille Day Confession of a Dissident in a Liberal-Capitalist Society

I skived off from my respectably-bleak Social Field,
preferring the company of misfits and  drop-outs;
abandoned most of the snobby Social Capital I was presented with;
doggedly acquired a stack of my own eclectic Cultural Capital
(Dostoyevsky, Blind Willie Johnson, Ali Akbar Khan, van Gogh)
using the very small cultural capital I inherited
from my anti-artistic middle-middle class provincial background
- and the cultural vistas offered by BBC radio in my bedroom.
I rejected the spoonfuls of cultural capital offered by television
and by the local university
by never acquiring a television, and never finishing my degree course
(due to a complete lack of ambition and respect for hierarchy)
and alienation from the Habitus of my family, religious background, and class.
For me, life has always been a game, and never a sport.
I hate sport, teams, gangs, parties and crowds -

and, after fifty years of living "off the State",
with no Monetary Capital,
doggedly counter-cultural, I love the ludic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Señor Auban,
I really admire you and your way of thinking and living. You see, but I am a coward. I admire you but I am not willing to pay the price of standing up against hierarchy. Too much brainwashing carried out in the school and family. Long Live Auban! Greetings from Paraguay. Raúl