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Friday, 22 May 2015

There have been 29 Amendments to the Irish Constitution

since the entire Irish people voted in 1972
to enter (with the UK and Denmark)
the Common Market (now the E.U.).
Before that there were only five.

most of the people
in most of the island of Ireland
will be voting in yet another referendum for or against
the marriage of people of the same sex
(presumably including non-sexual people of the same sex).
I (now a lapsed homo) have always thought
that the whole point of not being 'normal' and 'heterosexual'
was to be alternative, atypical, exceptional.
But so shocked are the people of Ireland
by the past activities of their priests
and even their uncles and their friends,
that they (bizarrely) will see this
as a way of, somehow,
making amends.

(It is notable that there is no provision for referenda in the American Constitution
This is for the simplereason that the Founding Fathers did not want to create a democracy (which they despised) but a republic with a monarchical president.)

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