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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The past is just a retreating wave.

When this civilisation falls apart
one way or another
or several ways at once,
there will be (amongst more obvious others)
a Pheromonal Problem,

for civilisation has abolished or suppressed
or masked all anciently-attractive smells
of cunt and cock and armpits, arse-crack, feet,
and other pheromonal, feral zones
and replaced them with chemicals
or (at best) plant-essences
(possibly with the effect
 - along with desensitising male-circumcision)
in producing grotesque sexual practices,
due to sensual 'disconnect') -

but I guess it will take just one generation
one new wave
for eroto-pheromonal sensibility
to resurrect.

Epilogue [no need for the prudish to read further] :
My own body has long been largely self-cleaning
and as pheromonal as I was made to be,
and more so now
since my accident and femur-top replacement
(before which operation I was washed all over
very thoroughly indeed, and after it, too,
for a couple of days - even under my foreskin).
Maybe it was something they used for that,
or else the shock of the fall or surgery,
or else a miracle -
but now I no longer need to wash there,
whereas before (for twenty years or more)
I had to wash that sleek
and ultra-sensitive, cheesey fold
at least twice a week.

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