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Friday, 20 August 2021

Building other people's nations

doesn't work - especially when you try to build them
out of easy money, corruption, enticement
and hypocrisy.  The Taliban
have murderous patristic principles
we no longer adhere to and now loathe,
but they stick to them pretty well -
too well.
The truth is that we are just as intolerant as they -
with 'human rights' which we invented yesterday.


Wofl said...

The comments on Simon Jenkins' article in The Guardian are also worth reading.


PS - there are no Pig Hells in Afghanistan...or Iran...(or even Israel ?)

Wofl said...

Life for the female poor in Catholic Ireland and for African-Americans in the Deep South as recently as the 1950s was hardly any better than life under the Taliban.

The Dutch and the French (the two most enthusiastiic collaborators with the Nazis) carried out violent, often public, retribution against - notably - women who had sex with Nazis in order to bring more food to their tables.

Bearz said...

There are disputed claims around this. Some claim that The Taliban are not native to Afghanistan. The claim is that The Taliban are more native to neighbouring Pakistan, and that in Afghanistan they are as much foreign nation builders as both sides in the cold war ever were. Indeed the Americans have armed The Taliban in the past, and used them to unbalance and disrupt the Soviet version of Afghanistan. I can believe that, like I can believe that The Taliban have gone utterly rogue from their former suppliers of arms. The less said about building a nation out of the most conservative values of a patriarchal religion that is stuck in the middle ages the better. Once started such a discussion would be like the invasive rogues themselves, difficult to stop and quite unpalatable.