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Saturday, 17 July 2021

Addiction ?

"Ireland and the UK were the only European countries where alcohol consumption did not fall during the first Covid wave, according to a study in the journal Addiction, suggesting a big shift to drinking at home."  - from today's Guardian online.

This also suggests the obvious :
on Continental Europe (even Finland and Scandinavia ?)
alcohol consumption is more an aspect of sociability,
less a compulsive seeking of escape towards oblivion.


Karl said...

That is because, to quote Morris Berman, "Anglo cultures are very alienated, uptight and anti-human." And Ireland is now most definitely 100% an Anglo, money-obsessed country.

Wofl said...

But it has long been a country in which, as in Russia, the poor and starving resorted to home-made booze in order to blot out reality. This tendency they brought with them to America along with a culture of violence associated with poor-quality alcohol.