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Thursday, 29 April 2021

The sham of democracy.

To vote
for somebody you have never met
and do not know is utterly ridiculous.

"African Wild (or 'Painted') dogs
vote by sneezing,
deciding whether to hunt
based on a quorum of achoos.
When their leader – always female – dies,
they vote for her successor with eerie whoops and hoots.
They rarely fight and are particularly successful predators,
gleefully ripping apart live smaller prey
by each holding a limb and pulling in four directions."


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Wofl said...

The very putting of a person in a position of power and/or influence is an invitation to corruption and fraud. Even those few countries with the famous "checks and balances", oversight and what passes for transparency are, due to the simple greed of politicians, largely controlled by huge trans-national businesses, arms-dealers and the very rich. Oligarchs are not unique to Russia and Ukraine.