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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Roughly 9½ good reasons why I am not anti-Chinese

(even though I would probably not have survived there.)

1. The Chinese did not ship millions of slaves for two hundred years across the Atlantic (or the South China Sea) unlike Portugal, England, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and France.

2. The Chinese (unlike the English) did not force any country to import opium.

3. The Chinese did not invade Japan, though the Japanese invaded China.  The Chinese did not seize any foreign ports, whereas Europeans seized Shanghai.

4. The Chinese did not send demented missionaries to Europe or even to India to spread 'Confucianism' or 'Daoism'.  

5. The Chinese did not dictate such arrogant hypocrisies as Universal Human Rights.

6. The Chinese treatment of animals and nature has, on the whole, been more respectful than that by Europeans, North Americans or Japanese.

7. China has never been militaristic in the same degree as the European Powers, the USA or Japan.

8. Chinese rule and behaviour in Tibet is no worse than those of the English in Ireland for hundreds of years.

9. The Chinese are not colonising Africa.  They seem set on re-taking Taiwan (Formosa), but it's unlikely that they will risk an all-out war.

10. So far as I'm aware, the Chinese have never attempted genocide, unlike the European powers.

Chinese imported to work on railway construction were horribly persecuted in the USA at the end of the 19th century, and even today are suffering discrimination.

Compared with the centuries-long atrocities committed by Europeans in every part of the globe, the Chinese annexation of Tibet and its atrocious treatment of the Uighurs is very small beer.

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