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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

People talk about the 'Protestant' work-ethic,

when they mean the Puritan - or work-worshipping - ethic
which lies deep in monastic Christianity, in Roman, Jewish
and all created history.
It was the work-ethic that built ziggurats and pyramids,
canals, Ur and Babylon, rhetoric and revelation,
the Temples of Jerusalem, India and pre-Columbian America,
Dubai, the Dome on the Rock, the Great Wall of China,
representative democracies, language,
Stonehenge and the Vatican
 - all the ever-crumbling, planet-warming vanity of Man.

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Anonymous said...

People talk abou the "protestamt work ethic" as something that Weber came up with somewhat contrary to Marx, but Marx in a work that was not know to public predated that thinking years earlier. More than what 500(?) workers died on the 2022 soccer world cup working sites in qatar.